That is Love

He won’t let you down.

Houses may seem to not come together.  Relationships may seem to fall apart.  Children may see to be out of control.  Health may seem to be off the tracks.  The world around you may seem to be going every direction that isn’t the right direction.  Your life may seem scattered, incomplete or chaotic, but just because the world we live in and the life we sit with is chaotic doesn’t mean that God is so shocked at the circumstances we find ourselves in that He freezes from that shock.  It doesn’t mean He is off His rocker or throne.

Life around you doesn’t scare Him. Your circumstances don’t overwhelm Him.  The situations you find yourself trudging through don’t faze Him.  The life you are living isn’t something that He must shield His eyes from.  It isn’t something He’s ashamed to see.  It isn’t too much.  He isn’t too good for it.

He sees where you are.  He sees the things being thrown your way and He wades right in there with you.  He grabs your hand and says “Let’s do this together.”

God, the King of the universe, isn’t too big or too good to step down, get dirty and come right to where you are and walk beside you.  He wants you to allow Him to be right beside you.  He wants to step down beside you amidst the swirling storms of life and stand with you.

That is Love.  That is God.

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