A Series of Fortunate Events

Someone told me the other day that in the wake of a divorce or loss of a marriage God’s will for us is to love again.  When something so wonderful is taken away from us (sometimes by our choice and other times no so much our choice) God wants us to love again, have joy, be loved, have a spouse.  This was so encouraging to hear.  His plans are good.  He doesn’t want us to lose something so wonderful and then not have it restored.  He wants restoration for our lives.  Obviously if that’s not what we want then He isn’t going to force it on us, but for those of us that desire to have what was taken away restored, then He takes pleasure in doing this.   This was encouraging to hear and I am totally excited to one day write the story of how God is restoring everything that was ripped away or destroyed.  Let me tell you people…God is doing ahhhmazing things in my life and it is so exciting!

Let me give you a  little glimpse of His goodness, not necessarily restoration but just glimpses of His never leaving presence and His love for me.   It’s nothing overly extravagant like winning the lottery but it’s still exciting!

But first let me draw a glimpse of my life.  Being a single mother of four trolls is difficult.  I get the privilege of not just raising them, tucking them in every single night,  forming who they become, encouraging and cheering them on, helping them pursue their passions, but also the physical aspects of cleaning, grooming, planning, and providing.  Every pressure that a mother and father usually work together to face is all on me.

I believe in being faithful with the little and God will bless me with much.  With this in mind I strive to be diligent in my financial area and trust God with the rest.  The clothes of ever growing and always playing children, the roof over our heads, the utilities, furniture, constantly disappearing food, extracurricular activities, transportation, gas, vehicle maintenance, medicines, diapers and  toiletries, cleaning supplies, fun outings, toys, birthday parties for my trolls and ones they are invited to, and every holiday.  As well as savings so I am prepared for the future when the transmission actually fails, when our term in this house is up in a few months, when my child needs braces …it’s all on one person, me.

Thankfully I know who I am and whose I am and I can truthfully say it doesn’t stress me out.  Because it might be on me, but I am God’s.   It just makes it tight and doesn’t leave much room for many mommy’s things as these little people are number one and just because their lives were turned upside down doesn’t mean they have to suffer.  I refuse to let that happen.

Having said all this let me tell you the series of fortunate events that is occurring in my life and God is continuing it!

A few weeks ago I was just telling God how my comforter was getting a wee bit gross.  A few days later someone gave me a bedding set.  It just happened to be one of my favorite colors and practically brand new.  Whoa God!

That same week someone paid for our groceries.

I received some funds that I totally wasn’t excepting due to certain circumstances.

The other day I gave a friend an extra car seat I had.  I was  just planning on blessing them with it aka freely giving it to them.  They put cash in the mailbox.   Yay! I was definitely thankful for it.

Last week I was offered a small part time job doing the thing I love to do the most.  Last night was my first night!  Woo now that makes me jump up and down for real!

And the icing on the cake…I just found out that the kids Christmas is taken care of!  I no longer have to think about how I’m going to make it happen…that was the one thing that dwelled the most in my mind in regards to finances lately.  Now I don’t even have to think about it.   Isn’t that amazing?!

And now I’m about to get ready to go to a store because… if I can find one that fits…someone is giving me a brand new winter coat for free!   Ha!  It just keeps coming.

Know what the cool thing is?  The God that arranged all these hearts to bless me and my children…loves you just as much!  That is amazing!  His resources are endless and His love is limitless.

You are so so loved.


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